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Slides about Nocturia

Introduction to the slides

On this page you can find a number of slide decks, used at lectures and presentations.

ICI-RS 2013: Nocturia Think Tank: Desmopressin safety data

Size : 6.45 MB

ICI-RS 2013: Nocturia Think Tank: Gender differential response to desmopressin

Size : 3.73 MB

ICI-RS 2013: Nocturia Think Tank: Hyponatremia risk factors

Size : 2.88 MB

ICI-RS 2013: Nocturia Think Tank: PRN usage of desmopressin

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Interactions and contraindications of desmopressin

Size : 197.09 KB

Modifiable determinants of Nocturia as elucidated by analysis of the Krimpen Study

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nocturia future research

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Nocturia: time to wake up to the seriousness of the problem.

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State of the art in Nocturia

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Why does sleep matter?

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World Sleep Day


Lecture from the ICS

6th - 9th October 2015

ICS 2015: Nocturia Plenary Satellite Symposium, Montreal, Canada

Program Chair: Philip E. V. Kerrebroeck

Featured Editorial

Defining Nocturnal Polyuria
By Prof. Philip van Kerrebroeck

Best read article

  • Nocturia in older men

    Boris van Doorn, J.L.H. Ruud Bosch

    Maturitas, Volume 71, Issue 1, 2012, pages 8 - 12

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Book on Nocturia!

Nocturia: Causes, Consequences and Clinical Approaches Is the first volume exclusively on the topic of nocturia and is designed to be a comprehensive treatise on the subject.