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Philip Van Kerrebroeck, MD, PhD

Philip E.V. Van Kerrebroeck is Professor of Urology at the University of Maastricht, and works as a urologist at the Maastricht University Medical Centre, the Netherlands. After obtaining his Medical Degree from the University of Louvain, Belgium, he trained in General Surgery and Urology in Belgium, The Netherlands and the U.S.A. He received his Master’s Degree in Medical Sciences from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, and his PhD in Medicine from the Radboud University of Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

Professor Van Kerrebroeck has a long-standing clinical interest in different forms of lower urinary tract problems, both in women and men, including neurogenic bladder dysfunction. His research interests include electrical stimulation of the urinary tract, and the development of new therapies in Neuro-Urology and Functional Urology. Professor Van Kerrebroeck was for 8 years Chairman of the Standardisation Committee of the International Continence Society and was first author of the Standardisation report on Nocturia. He is Fellow of the European Board of Urology. He was involved in the New England Research Institutes Interdisciplinary Conferences on Nocturia and is past Chairman of the ICI-RS Nocturia Think Tank.

Professor Van Kerrebroeck is a member of 25 scientific societies; he serves on the editorial board of six journals, and has authored over 265  peer-reviewed articles, book chapters and books. He currently serves as a member of the History Office of the EAU.

Professor Philip Van Kerrebroeck  

Conflict of Interest:  Professor van Kerrebroeck is a consultant and speaker for Allergan, Astellas and Ferring.

The Role of the Editor
Professor Philip van Kerrebroeck was appointed as Editor of the Nocturia Resource Centre on the recommendation of the EAU Executive Committee. He selects journal articles that have been previously peer-reviewed and accepted for publication in European Urology and other urology journals on Nocturia and related topics, building a comprehensive collection of peer-reviewed content in this area.

The editorial independence of the resource centre is mandatory and recognized by the EAU and Elsevier. The journal articles and other material published on the resource centre have been selected independently and without influence from Elsevier, European Urology Editors or the sponsor.

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