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Pre-course in Robotic Surgery to be held during the 17th Copenhagen Symposium on Endoscopic Urological Surgery


In connection with the SEUS symposium, on 27 January, you have the opportunity to participate in a robotics course where we will test the latest techniques in robotic surgery. It is a condition of entry that you also participate in the symposium. There are only 16 places at the Robotics Training Course, so quick registration and payment is required. The registration will be closed once we have registered 16 payments. If you register for the course but fail to pay before 16 participants are registered, you will receive a new invoice without entry cost for the Robotics Training Course.

Course Objectives

  • To understand the fundamental principles used in robotic-assisted laparoscopic reconstructive and extirpative procedures
  • To become familiar with the function and operation of the da Vinci® Surgical System
  • To become familiar with the ergonomics of the da Vinci® Surgical System robot and the available robotic instrumentation
  • To understand the selection process for patient position, surgical team position and surgical approaches
  • To become familiar with the technique of robotic-assisted intracorporal suturing and knot tying
  • To learn "tricks of the trade" to make laparoscopic reconstructive procedures more efficient without much complication

Faculty at the Robotics Training Course
Gitte Lam
Steven Widecrantz
Bjarne Kromann
Michael Vangedal


Contact: International Conference Services ICS
Tel.: +45 3946 0500
E-mail: Carsten@ics.dk

Jan 2015

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