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American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting 2015

Description of Session Types for 2015

The 2015 Annual Meeting, developed by the ASCO 2014-2015 Cancer Education Committee and Scientific Program Committee, is made up of the following session types:

Education Sessions
Education Sessions offer interdisciplinary or multidisciplinary explorations of focused areas of clinical oncology. ASCO's Cancer Education Committee determines topics and format for these sessions that will best serve the educational needs of Annual Meeting attendees. Particular care is taken to ensure that these sessions address issues including surgical, radiation, and geriatric oncology; symptom management; health services research; international perspectives; and pathology, as appropriate.

Clinical Problems in Oncology Sessions
Clinical Problems in Oncology Sessions combine the use of case-based panel discussion with interactive keypad technology for audience participation. These sessions are ticketed and require an additional registration fee.

Meet the Professor Sessions
Meet the Professor Sessions enable interactive discussion between attendees and recognized experts in a variety of subspecialty fields. The format is informal with an emphasis on a face-to-face exchange with the expert. These sessions are ticketed and require an additional registration fee.

Practice-Centered Sessions Track
The Practice Centered Sessions track highlights the latest updates in science and clinical practice. Designed to help busy oncologists streamline their Annual Meeting experience, Practice Centered Sessions may include such topics as controversies in a particular disease site, personalized care, or new developments in the field. The Cancer Education Committee has designated one or more education sessions in each track as Practice Centered Sessions.

Special Sessions
Special Sessions include the presentation of Awards and Award Lectures as well as symposia recommended by other oncology-related organizations, the Cancer Education Committee, the Scientific Program Committee, and the ASCO Board of Directors as being of particular interest, importance, and relevance to Meeting attendees.

Plenary Session
The Plenary Session includes 15-minute didactic presentations highlighting abstracts of scientific research deemed to have the highest merit and greatest impact on oncology research and practice. Experts in the field will serve as Discussants to place research findings into perspective. The Plenary Session will take place on Sunday, June 1, 2014, 1:00 PM-4:00 PM.

Oral Abstract Sessions
Oral Abstract Sessions include didactic presentations of abstracts representing important clinical and translational research findings by topic category. Presenting authors may use PowerPoint slides to accompany their oral presentation. Experts in the field (Discussants) are chosen to provide comprehensive themed discussions of the findings from predetermined abstracts.

Clinical Science Symposia
Clinical Science Symposia provide a forum for science in oncology, combining didactic lectures on a specific topic with the presentation of abstracts. Experts in the field (Discussants) place studies in the appropriate context based on the strength of the evidence and critically discuss the conclusions in terms of their applicability to clinical practice.

Highlights of the Day Sessions
Highlights of the Day Sessions invite expert discussants to present key findings, put abstracts into clinical context, and provide an overview of the previous day's oral abstract sessions.

Poster Discussion Sessions
Each track-based Poster Discussion Session will be 75 minutes in length and will highlight 12 abstracts from the Poster Session held earlier in the day. Four invited discussants will each provide a 15-minute discussion placing the selected abstracts in context, with a focus on how the findings apply to clinical practice and future research. This will be followed by a question and answer panel involving the session chair, discussant, and poster presenters. At the conclusion of the formal session, the audience is invited to network with the panelists to discuss details about individual work.

General Poster Sessions
General Poster Sessions include selected abstracts of clinical research in poster format. The posters are grouped by topic and are on display for a specified time. The Annual Meeting will again include Trials in Progress poster presentations within each track, designed to facilitate awareness of open, ongoing clinical trials of any phase.

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