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Nocturia: new directions

By J.P. Weiss, A.J. Wein, P. Van Kerrebroeck, R. Dmochowski, M. Fitzgerald, K.A.O. Tikkinen and P. Abrams

Neurourology and Urodynamics, Volume 30, Issue 5,  June 2011, Pages 700-703

The Nocturia Think Tank (TT) met during the 2010 meeting of the International Consultation on Incontinence-Research Society to discuss present knowledge and future directions in care and research of this prominent component of the spectrum of lower urinary tract symptoms. Questions raised included whether nocturia should be re-defined as a function of its bother, effects on quality of life, and economic impact upon society. At issue is the need to delineate the determinants of successful nocturia management. The multifactorial nature of nocturia requires that progress in its treatment will be dependent upon the cooperative investigation on the part of urologists, urogynecologists, geriatricians, epidemiologists, medical economists and pharma. Areas for future avenues of research were outlined at the conclusion of the meeting.