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Current Diagnosis and Treatment of Nocturia

By Matthias Oelke and Philip van Kerrebroeck.

Book, ISBN : 978-3-8374-1289-5 (Germany) / ISBN 978-1-84815-174-1 (Rest of the world)

Nocturia is defined as the complaint that the individual has to wake up at night one or more times to void and can result in sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, falls, fractures, or invalidity. Nocturia is a frequent but still underrecognized and undertreated symptom in men and women of all ages. Nocturia appears in individuals with heart, lung, kidney, bladder, or prostate problems but can also be a concomitant symptom in many other diseases. Behavioural aspects, such as an abnormal drinking pattern, may also be involved. As patients with Nocturia are seen by many different health care providers, each specialty tends to draw their own conclusions and initiate different assessments and treatments. This book offers a comprehensive (re)view on the symptomatology of Nocturia, highlights the perspectives of different medical specialities, and provides the latest information on the epidemiology and pathophysiology. The optimal assessment and the different therapeutic modalities are extensively discussed. The various chapters of this book, all written by well-known experts, allow for an adequate synthesis that is useful in any clinical practice dealing with patients bothered by Nocturia.